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June 09 2011

2011_imagesvn - Website of Hsiang-Ting Chen

Revision control is a vital component of digital project management, and has been widely deployed for text files. Binary files, on the other hand, have received relatively less attention. This could be inconvenient for graphics applications, which can use a significant amount of binary data, such as images, videos, meshes, and animations.

February 08 2011

Awesome Fontstacks

Easily create bundles of beautifully matching, free web fonts, with failsafe font stacks to back them up. Including ready-to-go CSS code!

November 09 2010

October 21 2010

September 24 2010

Creating Depth of Field | Blender Compositing | Blender Guru

Even though we’re creating digital renders in a 3d world, we need to keep in mind that we are still imitating a real world camera lens. Cameras and human eyes have something called ‘Depth of Field‘ (or ‘DoF’), which makes objects in the background and foreground appear blurry.

July 29 2010


Disallow: /harming/humans
Disallow: /ignoring/human/orders
Disallow: /harm/to/self


Disallow: /harming/humans
Disallow: /ignoring/human/orders
Disallow: /harm/to/self

June 03 2010

June 02 2010

Simple FIGlet Maker - wtFIG

The world's simplest (and cutest) FIGlet generator. Create awesome ASCII logos. For hardcore nerds only.

June 01 2010


Primer undercoats your CSS by pulling out all of your classes and id's and placing them into a starter stylesheet. Paste your HTML in to get started.

April 13 2010

January 26 2010

December 10 2009

November 17 2009

September 04 2009

Los Pou consiguen la vía Orbayu en el Naranjo de Bulnes - MARCA.com

Los hermanos vitorianos Iker y Eneko Pou han conseguido completar la ruta Orbayu en el Pico Urriellu tras ocho horas de actividad encadenando cada uno de los 16 largos a la primera, en modalidad de escalada libre (usando sólo pies y manos y asegurados únicamente por una cuerda). La ruta concebida por la cordada de los Pou tiene 500 metros de longitud y una dificultad de 8c+/9a, nunca antes firmada en rutas de varios largos, lo que la convierte en la vía de grandes paredes más difícil del mundo.

September 03 2009

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