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June 07 2011

Media Queries

Media Queries is a W3C Candidate Recommendation—a widely reviewed document which is ready for implementation by browser vendors.
It's an extension of media dependent stylesheets tailored for different media types (i.e. screen and print) found in CSS2.
In its essence a media query consists of a media type and an expression to check for certain conditions of a particular media feature. The most commonly used media feature is width.
By restricting CSS rules to a certain width of the device displaying a web page, one can tailor the page's representation to devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and desktops) with varying screen resolution.

May 06 2011

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

December 17 2010

XHTML Character Set - Just Wondering

All of these characters should display in Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox and Opera if you use the correct HTML Character Codes and font families. Many of them should display in older versions of Internet Explorer if these fonts are used: "Arial unicode MS", Arial, Geneva, sans-serif.

November 21 2010

Test Pilot: A Week in the Life of a Browser - Version 2: Aggregated Data Samples

All of this data has been collected and is being shared under the terms of the Test Pilot Privacy Policy from Mozilla Labs. We license this data for use by anyone under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.. This license allows derived works as well as commercial use, as long as you give attribution for the source of the data.

Mozilla Open Data Analysis Competition (Fall 2010)

Mozilla Labs and the Metrics Team, together with the growing Mozilla Research initiative, are hosting a Open Data Visualization Competition based on Test Pilot data, from Nov. 17th to Dec. 17th.

For this competition we'd like to explore creative visual answers to the question: "How do people use Firefox?" For example, visualizations that investigate general usage patterns, reveal interesting user behavior, or explore browser performance.

jumanji - a web browser - Overview - pwmt.org

jumanji is a highly customizable and functional web browser based on the libwebkit web content engine and the gtk+ toolkit. The idea behind jumanji is a web browser that provides a minimalistic and space saving interface as well as an easy usage that mainly focuses on keyboard interaction like vimperator does.

November 17 2010

WWW FAQs: What is the maximum length of a URL?

2006-10-13: Although the specification of the HTTP protocol does not specify any maximum length, practical limits are imposed by web browser and server software.

October 21 2010

June 03 2010

Like-o-matic, a totally random thing by Kyle Bragger

Like-o-matic is a bookmarklet designed to let you Facebook "Like" quite literally any website you’re currently looking at. No longer will being tricked into liking a different page than you’re presently on be a concern.

May 22 2010

SQLite Administrator - International Milestone Beta

SQLite Administrator is a powerful tool if you easily want to create, design or administrate SQLite database files. The SQL code editor helps you to quickly write sql queries with features such as code completion and highlighting. Both major versions of SQLite database files are supported by SQLite Administrator.

April 21 2010

January 20 2010

Navegación privada

Firefox 3.5 y superiores proveen "Navegación privada", que te permite navegar Internet sin que Firefox retenga ningún tipo de información sobre los sitios y páginas que visitó.

November 17 2009

March 17 2009

PPA for Ubuntu Chromium Daily Builds

Ubuntu daily builds of the Chromium browser. The PPA is maintained by a bot, so it contains completely untested builds, mostly useful to track regressions or if you are curious, or just brave.
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